The Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association is proud to announce 2019’s Hawaii Wedding Floral Design Workshops that will be held on each of the four main Hawaiian Islands. These workshops will showcase floral varieties distinctive to each island and will be led by professional floral designers who will give demonstrations on how to create beautiful wedding flowers, bridal and attendant bouquets, table arrangements or floral décor for ceremony and reception venues.

We will of course provide you more information, as it becomes available but we ask that you consider saving he following dates to attend:

June 26 & 27 - Oahu

July 27 & 28 -Kauai

August 7 & 8 - Maui

September 6-8 – Hilo*

*There will also be a vow renewal at the Lili'uokalani Gardens on Sunday, September 8th.